Importing Engines since 1999, with so much experience and exposure you are definite to find the right engine for your car from us. We supply a wide variety of Petrol, Diesil and LGP Engines. We give a two month guarantee for engines fitted by us and a one month guarantee if fitted by your own mechanic
Gearboxes and Diffs
We sell automatic and manual gearboxes and diffs for a wide range of vehicles. We offer both local and import units at reasonable costs.You can trade in your old mulfunctioning unit for a new functioning one with us. We also specialise in fitments and repaires of both diffs and gearboxes.
Scrap Yards 
Our scrapyards located in Germiston and Wynbeg have a wide variety of car body, engine, gearboxes and diff spares. We strip down and rebuild cars.
For your car and spare parts you can check with us at our branches. If you want to sell us a scrap part of your car we also offer that service.
If you have that car part you need fitted in your car we specialise in that too. We do engine and gearbox connversions for any vehicle. We can also exchange old mulfunctioning parts of your vehicle for new ones we supply and fit them for you. We give guarantee 2 month guarantee for our fitments.


Welcome to Tonmax Engines

Welcome to the online space for Tonmax, professional suppliers of engines, gearboxes and spares. Here you will find all the information you need regarding our products, services, background information and contact details. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or advice.

Engines & Gearboxes

We have in stock a wide range of new and used petrol and diesel engines. Automatic and manual new and recon transmission gearboxes.

We sell new and used engines, we also specialise in repairs.
We have new and used gearboxes, for local and import cars.
New and used engines for sale, we do repairs and fitments as well.