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Mr. LB Coetzee, our Managing Director and Shareholder, has been extensively involved in the construction industry for the past 25 year, having partly owned several successful labour brokerages and been involved in projects in the Mpumalanga Province.

Mr. GM Coetzee, our Marketing Director and Shareholder has extensive knowledge and experience within the construction industry, he currently owns several companies that service the construction industry, with Valves, Instrument Valves and Inspection requirements.




Description of the Company

Rasimone Engineering provides Mechanical Maintenance, Piping and Construction Services to the Petro-chemical, Mining and Power generation industries throughout Southern Africa, a niche market, left in the wake of a large construction companies focusing on low risk and high capital turnover projects.

Managing Directors LB Coetzee and GM Coetzee, currently hold the company’s shares.

Mr. LB Coetzee, a well-known businessman within the local construction industry, and Mr. GM Coetzee, a Marketing Director, have selected a highly skilled and experienced team whom collectively bring experience within the construction industry to the company.


Mission Statement

The mission of Rasimone Engineering is to become a fully-fledged construction maintenance company within the next three years.

Through its success as a Black Economic Empowerment Enterprise, the company plays a key role in the upliftment and skills development of previously disadvantaged social sectors of Southern Africa, as well as paving the way for similar service providers.

Through attainable and sustainable growth the company has built sound foundations to ensure the longevity and continued success of all its operations.

We continuously strive for the client to want our services, not because we are from the previously disadvantaged section of the community, but because we are competent.